Date: 19/01/2022
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Porker's Republic

I'm fascinated by this business of Olympic pigs.

In brief: Chinese meat producers have a rather carefree attitude towards the injection/feeding of preservatives, growth hormones, antibiotics, and so on, into their livestock. Aware that this might cause problems for Olympic athletes—might even generate some positive results on drug tests—the ChiComs have set aside some special pigs to be raised on organic feed and regularly exercised.

The news of "Olympic pigs" has stirred anger among Chinese citizens. Many have criticized this act as a superficial tactic to boost the regime's image, at the cost of the common people living in China. Some even remarked that pigs are now ranked higher than people.

It's one of those occasions where you feel that old Jonathan Swift would come in handy—to suggest, perhaps, that the entire Olympics be handed over to these dope-free, super-fit pigs, the athletes themselves being chopped up and used to fortify the pig feed...