Date: 02/07/2020
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Teddy bear's nit-pick

Why "Teddy Bear's Picnic" and not "Teddy Bears' Picnic"? Today is, after all, the day the teddy bears have their picnic. "Every bear that ever there was," which is about as plural as you can get. And Lord knows it isn't much fun having a picnic on your own, so that final apostrophe should have been packed along with the honey and the corkscrew.

But there's no mistaking it - the song title, accurately reproduced by Hugh, says "Teddy Bear's picnic", as if there were only one teddy bear. Perhaps teddy has a lot of imaginary friends, or perhaps he has a very big ego, such that the other bears are just furry pawns in his game.

Perhaps, on the other hand,  I'm a couple of sandwiches short of a nit-pick. Or, since this is Halloween, perhaps that should be "sand-witches", a good reason to avoid picnicking in the desert.