Date: 26/09/2021
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Good Natured Crowds

"On Sky News Kay Burley was talking to an independent reporter (Rob Crilly) in Khartoum who said that the demonstration was quite ugly and that people had gestured to him by making slitting throat actions across their necks. He said he had to leave the area. He also mentioned that the Sufi sect of Islam were the ones runing the protest (their flags were seen)...Then switch to BBC 1 news. Adam Mynott claimed that the demonstrations were small in number and "good natured". --from a reader

Here are some pictures from "This is London" of what the BBC described as a small and "good-natured" group of demonstrators. Imagine yourself sitting in a Sudanese jail, and from your small window you can see those "good-natured" demonstrators, wielding their swords and calling good-naturedly for you to be good-naturedly decapitated.

"Good-natured." Lots of joshing in the crowd, out for a good time. What a relief.