Date: 05/04/2020
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Whistleblower Award
If we're going to put in for the whistleblower award, I want to submit the following:

Moral Clarity and Islam (April 23, 2005) in which I strongly criticized Natan Sharansky's influential little book. (The one we wish neither Rice nor Bush had ever laid eyes on.) And Slouching Towards Vietnam (April 29, 2005) in which I criticized Rich Lowry's NR cover story contention then that we were winning the war in Iraq or that we ever could "win" in Iraq. 

However, our own Hugh Fitzgerald had been going strong, snearingly dubbing Iraq the Light-Unto-The-Muslim-Nations Project for over a year before my articles appeared at JW.

So, if there are any foundations, stray millionaires or billionaires out there who want to fund prescient thinkers, send your money here. We need it. We really need it. Really.