Date: 08/07/2020
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Death of Liberty

This Psychology Today report is the most horrible, horrible thing I have read for a long time. I sort of knew it all, of course, as we all do, piecemeal; but to see it spelled out in one place, at such length, induced something close to clinical shock. Our poor kids, our poor poor kids.

I've been aware for some time, and reading that made me freshly aware, of my own great good fortune in having been in the last (actually, I think, about last but one, or last but a half) generation of Western children to have a real childhood: roaming over fields and through woods, falling out of trees and into ponds, experienced with firecrackers, roller-skates, airguns, and slingshots, being bullied and occasionally beaten up by older boys, playing "British Bulldog" in the schoolyard**, sailing model boats and flying model planes, playing complicated street games handed down intact from ancient Rome—-and all with never an adult in sight! How lucky we were! How miserable our children must be!

And someone please tell me how we are going to preserve liberty, when we are raising generations who have never experienced it?

Now you've gone and done it. Now I'm in that mood again: I ***hate*** the modern world.

**Rules of British Bulldog: About a dozen boys stand in a line with their backs against a wall. Another dozen stand likewise, facing them, with their backs against an opposing wall 50 feet or so away. At a signal, both groups charge headlong for the opposite wall, the two groups meeting in the middle. First group to get all its men to the opposite wall wins. Contact rules: there aren't any.