Date: 05/04/2020
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"we disassociate this act..."

"we disassociate this act from our Islamic teachings and beliefs."
-- from this article quoting a local Muslim leader (echoed, no doubt, by Muslim spokesmen across the country) about the Seattle shootings.

Really? From Qur'an 9.29? 9.5? From all the Jihad-verses, more than a hundred, that clearly tell Believers to kill Infidels? What about the hundreds and hundreds of Hadith, with the same message? What of the history of Muhammad, and the list of what he did to the Jewish tribes of Medina, the Jewish farmers of Khaybar (Khaybar being the name of Iran's new missile)? How long will it be before official Jewish organizations stop the nonsense with "Muslim-Jewish Dialogues" and "reaching out" for some "interfaith" harmony that does not and can not exist, though of course Muslims will, still unsure of their position, still needing to shore up that position with this "three abrahamic faiths" stuff. Who in his right mind, having read the Qur'an with comprehension (in English, as in French, its ferocity is less obvious -- but still apparent), or the more comprehensible Hadith, or -- still more comprehensible and less subject to deliberate distortion by Muslim apologists -- the Sira, the biography of Muhammad, that Perfect Man, uswa hasana, al-insan al-kamil, could conceivably believe that Islam can be "dissociated" from the murder and attempted murder of one disgruntled Haq, no doubt expressing, as Taheri-reza, as that Egyptian co-pilot whose personal and professional life was a mess, or all those others, supposedly "crazy," who in the United States, in Egypt, in Jordan, or for that matter in the southern Sudan, in Nigeria, in India and Bangladesh and Kashmir, are eager to kill, and have killed, with great enthusiasm, Christians and Hindus.

Let's see if we can find a guide to Infidel-hatred, or more specifically, to the inculcated hatred of Jews which is a subset of that general Infidel-hatred. Some 30 years ago, the Sheik al-Azhar, Tantawi (not yet having reached that eminence) as shown by Andrew Bostom below, compiled a 700-page book, essentially a compilation of all the Qur'anic passages, and Hadith, and incidents in Muhammad's life, that showed the fierce hatred of Jews that Islam teaches, that Islam -- if the adherent is paying attention and trying to keep being a Muslim without really knowing what Islam is all about --naturally inculcates. It may be some consolation, for Jews, that Islam teaches hatred of all Infidels. But were all these Jewish organizations whistling in the dark for so long and "reaching out" to their "Muslim brothers" to have even a small amount of those 700 pages translated and distributed, they would forever lose their suicidal innocence. And the same goes for those still in Israel who, no matter what happens, will still go back to the idea of giving up more territory as the way to somehow reach an accommodation with what cannot be accommodated, what must only be constrained, held in check, by the demonstration, so clear as to never be doubted, of overwhelmingly greater force. Darura -- necessity -- is the only doctrine that Muslim rulers, who may be more aware of how they, and their regimes, will suffer if they go to war -- can invoke to explain their failure to join in a collective gang-up. The more powerful Israel appears -- and it will not appear powerful if it further shrinks in size by giving up one dunam more of territory -- the less likely an all-out war will occur. Already the supposed ferocity (it's nonsense, of course - the Israelis have been scrupulous in trying to minimize civilian casualties, as all intelligent people know) of Israel's attacks on Hezbollah have had a good effect, not a bad one, on the calculations of many in Jordan and Egypt and even Saudi Arabia and the sheiklets. Who wants to see all those palaces, all those skyscrapers in Dubai and elsewhere, paid for with OPEC revenues that, out of environmental if not geopolitical common sense, may sooner rather than later have to be diminished, destroyed by a "ferocious" Israel?

But let's go back to the remark that prompted these remarks: "we dissociate this act from our Islamic teachings and beliefs."

Oh, do you?

We don't. We find them completely consonant with those "Islamic teachings and beliefs." We find them in the same spirit as so much of the Qur'an, so many of the Hadith (in the best, most authoritatie, collections of Bukhari and Muslim), so many of the acts of Muhammad as recorded in the Muslim versions, the accepted versions, of his biography. We find that the history of Islamic Jihad-conquest, and the subsequent subjugation of all non-Muslims, to provide further evidence, if such were needed, of the attitudes and atmpospherics of Islam, of its "teachings and beliefs," that support rather than contradict the behavior of such Muslims as Mr. Haq. We find his behavior, whether he was "crazy" or not, in locating the source of all his woes, the source of the world's villainy, in Infidels, or in his case in Jews, to be "completely consonant" with that 1350-year history of "Islamic teachings and beliefs."

And there is one other thing that we find "completely consonant with Islamic teachings and beliefs." And that is the exercise in taqiyya of all those Muslim spokesmen who would have us, Americans, or other Infidels in other countries, believe their nonsense, as they engage in the religiously-sanctioned dissimulation -- lying about the faith in order to protect it -- which is exactly what they do when they, in Washington State or in Texas or Pennsylvania or Massachusetts -- attempt to make us believe that such-and-such an act is to be "dissociated" from "Islamic teachings and beliefs." Dissociate away. Practice taqiyya and kitman all you want. It isn't working in quite the same way as it did just after 9/11/2001, with all those imams taking part in those touching "candlelight vigils" and "interfaith ceremonies" -- not when so many of those imams and others involved were discovered to have said before, and to say later, to Muslim audiences, quite different things, and some even to have gone further than mere words in the expression of their hatred of Infidels.

Infidels everywhere are now keenly interested in how Muslims in other Infidel countries are behaving. We are watching. What do Muslims in this country think will be the reaction here, if the islamization of Western Europe continues apace, and Europeans flee here, to tell us, to warn us not to repeat their errors? What do they think will happen to their position in this country?