Date: 28/05/2020
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Bostom: Muhammad?s Willing Executioners

Andrew Bostom has a compelling piece at Frontpage this morning:

The ongoing violence in Lebanon and northern Israel, engendered by Hezbollah’s toxic amalgam of jihad and Jew hatred, reached Seattle, Washington this past Friday July, 28, 2006, just after 4 PM, local time. Naveed Afzal Haq, a Pakistani Muslim, hiding in the foyer of the entrance to the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle, seized a 13-year old girl hostage. With a gun pointed to the young girl’s head, Haq forced his way through the buildings security door, and then opened fire with two semi-automatic pistols, killing a 58 year old woman, and wounding five other women, three of whom were wounded seriously. Haq reportedly exclaimed: “I am a Muslim American, angry at Israel”...These are Jews and I'm tired of getting pushed around and our people getting pushed around by the situation in the Middle East.”

Earlier the same day, a triumphal pronouncement from Hezbollah accompanied the launching of so-called “Khaybar-1” rockets, five of which reached Afula, south of Haifa, and 30 miles from the Israeli-Lebanese border. A Hezbollah statement proclaimed, “With this, the Islamic Resistance begins a new stage of fighting, challenge and confrontation with a strong determination and full belief in God's victory”. Throughout the preceding week, Al-Manar television and Al-Nur radio—Hezbollah-controlled media outlets which disseminate its propaganda—blared out in sonorous tones, “Nastarjiu Khaybar”—“We will return to Khaybar”.

 These disparate events, occurring thousands of miles apart—the attack upon Jews in Seattle, and the firing of “Khaybar-1” rockets at Afula—reflect and celebrate the predatory relationship—Muslims preying upon Jews—established by Islam’s prophet Muhammad, and his earliest Muslim followers....

Read it all.