Date: 04/06/2020
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Mosques expose nominated for award
Channel 4's controversial Dispatches programme Undercover Mosque has been nominated for a Royal Television Society award.
The documentary featured a reporter infiltrating mosques across Britain to expose extremist preachers.
It was at the centre of a row last year after West Midlands Police complained to Ofcom that the film-makers distorted the words of the imams involved.
The media regulator rejected the claim and found no evidence that audiences were misled.
The Dispatches programme is nominated in the best current affairs category of the Royal Television Society Journalism Awards, to be announced on February 20.
Recently-launched Al Jazeera English is a contender for News Channel of the Year, along with BBC News 24 and Sky News.
The Doha-based channel also has two nominations for Young Journalist of the Year in the form of Hamish Macdonald and Haru Mutasa.