Date: 04/06/2020
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Islamic bombs

Pakistan has a nuclear program based on the thefts of secrets by "Dr." A. Q. Khan, national hero of Pakistan, and willing sharer -- a Secret Sharer -- of such secrets with Iran and North Korea. Pakistan has been the incubator and promoter and supporter of the Taliban, Pakistan that has just announced plans to make 40-50 nuclear weapons a year. Pakistan is a land of impoverished and semi-demented masses who find their sole solace in Islam and only Islam, while the anglophone families of zamindars and generals, who are hardly Muslims in their own lives, and whose children so enjoy their English and American universities, and some of those children -- such as the accountant son of the untrustworthy, but with the allure of rectitude (did he pass out from the Royal Military Academy at Sandhurt, like so many of those "trustworthy" and "pro-Western" Terry-Thomas-moustachioed Pakistani generals?) Musharraf, now enjoy their Western lives (Musharraf's son, when last he was in the news, was in Canton, Massachusetts). Many of the richest Pakistanis, or at least their children, have similarly elected for the sanity and safety of Infidel lands, but apparently have not used their mental freedom sufficiently, have not bethought themselves about the nature of Islam, and its connection to the hideous condition, the political, economic, social, and intellectual failures of Pakistan itself, or of Islamic countries in general, a failure directly attributable to the tenets and attitudes and atmospherics of Islam.

And Pakistan, of course, has been deeply involved in promoting terrorism against Hindus in Kashmir, and deep within India. Where is that leader of the Mumbai underworld, the one now hiding from Indian authorities after the last terrorist attack? In Pakistan. Where is the ISI that has done nothing to stop, and much to promote, Lashkar-e-Toiba. In Pakistan.

But it is not Pakistan alone. The Indian government, as Tavleen Singh points out in a recent article, is avoiding admitting to itself, and is keeping carefully from the people of India, the domestic Muslim terrorists -- for fear of the reaction of Hindus. It is, like governments of the Western world, hiding the evidence of support of every kind for Muslim terrorists in Mumbai and elsewhere.

Pakistan is to blame, yes. But not Pakistan alone. A better formulation would be: Muslims, in India and in Pakistan, are working to terrorize the non-Muslims of India, and not only of that part known as Kashmir.