Date: 04/06/2020
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Bosnian Drivers License Scam In Spokane

Spokane Washington (hat tip: Refugee Resettlement Watch). Ann Corcoran notes: "In the aftermath of Bill Clinton’s war in Bosnia, the United States admitted over 100,000 Bosnian Muslims as refugees.  They got taxpayer funded airfare, a rent subsidy, food stamps, health care, and a caseworker to find them a job.   Here’s how they repay the charity."

The FBI has cracked a Spokane-based ring that it says paid bribes to a state contractor and used foreign-language interpreters to help Bosnian immigrants cheat on tests to obtain commercial driver licenses fraudulently from the state of Washington.

An estimated 100 individuals – most or all of them Bosnian immigrants – each paid $2,500 to the Spokane “commercial driving school” over the past three years to get commercial, or CDL, licenses that were then recognized by other states under reciprocal agreements.

Commercial driver licenses allow the holder to drive 18-wheel semi-trucks, including those that transport hazardous and toxic materials, and school buses.

Two Spokane men, Brano Milovanovic, 48, who operates “CDL Consulting,” and Suad Grebic, 19, were arrested Thursday in Spokane by FBI agents assigned to the Inland Northwest Joint Terrorism Task Force. Search warrants also were served and agents recovered evidence, authorities said.

Although no specific acts of terrorism are alleged, the task force was involved in the yearlong investigation because it involved foreign nationals living in the United States who fraudulently obtained commercial driver licenses, allowing them to legally transport hazardous and toxic materials...