Date: 31/07/2021
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Re: Iraq

Reading John's post on Iraq I was reminded of the study by military explaining the new "long war" concept:

Although it is similar to the Cold War, the war on terror has a distinction.
    "We cannot discredit all of Islam as we did with communism," the document says. "It is a divine religion. We can only discredit the violent extremist."
    "Americans will commit to a 'long war' if ... they are confident our leaders know what they are doing."

The central contradiction pops right out.  Americans aren't convinced our leaders know what they're doing if they don't treat Islam the same way as we treated communism.  That's the exact model we need.  Diminish its centers of gravity and attack it as the undesirable social system it is.  How hard is this people?  Divine religion, my foot.