Date: 17/11/2019
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That Prophetic Powerful Pulpiteer Michael Pfleger

This "prophetic powerful pulpiteer" is merely Father Coughlin updated for the times. The target has been widened -- not "International Jewry" but "whites" -- those "whites" who in Michael Pfleger's view all have fat 401(K) plans and, bien entendu,  trust funds, and have had it so easy because, being "whites," they merely walk into family-owned businesses and sit right down at the desk that has been awaiting them -- oh, and that includes those whiners who have been made into burnt offerings on the altar of Affirmative Action. Yes, a veritable Father Coughlin. a "pulpiteer" doing a welcome guest turn at Trinity Church, offering the same demaoguery and the same viciousness and the same essential stupidity, and the crowd, the same crowd with whom Barack Obama has been attending that church for twenty years, just loved it.

And were Obama not now running for poltical cover, one can be sure that had he and his family been at the church that day, that at the very least his wife Michelle would have been clapping enthusiastically at every demagogic pause, while Obama might judiciously have held himself a little more in check, have merely mildly clapped but, at the same time, have looked on at his wife and at others, entirely un-disapprovingly.