Date: 09/07/2020
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Muslim convert (and ex BNP) 'recruits' inmates
From The BBC
A former British National Party activist who converted to Islam in prison is trying to radicalise young prisoners, the BBC can reveal.
Inmate Stephen Jones is being held in a segregation unit at Whitemoor Prison, Cambridgeshire, the BBC has been told.
Jones was put there after being suspected of recruiting for groups allied to al-Qaeda.
The case has raised concerns that some radical Muslims are using prisons as a recruiting ground.
The BBC has been told that Jones has been held in segregation at Whitemoor for about three weeks with two other Muslim prisoners.
Sources have told the BBC he was caught attempting to radicalise a number of fellow inmates after he himself converted to Islam.  
The BBC understands that intelligence sources believe that he is being paid by an al-Qaeda-influenced group.
When Whitemoor Prison opened in 1992, 14% of its prisoners were Muslim, now the figure is about 30%, the BBC has learnt.
Steve Gough, vice-chairman of the Prison Officers Association (POA), said the organisation had been worried about the situation for a number of years.
"This shows what we've been saying. If you can get someone that's so right wing converted then a normal prisoner is going to have absolutely no chance," he said.
"Those people come inside and they're dealt with as normal prisoners, kept on normal locations and they can radicalise."
The POA believes extremist Muslim prisoners should be kept apart from mainstream inmates who are often vulnerable to exploitation.
The racist element and anti Jewish element in Islam would appeal to a certain type of white racist supporter. As would the totalitarian life style and the violence. The leadership in the ascendant in the BNP at the moment have read Bat Ye’or and Robert Spencer; they appreciate the dangers Islam poses and how unpleasant dhimmitude would be.  However there is a strand who retain the views of the late John Tyndall the founder of the party and like Hitler they see virtues in Islam and believe that Islam should be left alone in Islamic countries while what they see as other problems are tackled in the west. Some of them have left the BNP for what remains of the National Front and I see that Stephen Jones is described as former activist. What I don’t know is whether he left the BNP directly for Islam, or for A N Other group first. I also don’t know what his crimes were that he finds himself in HMP Whitemoor.
Whatever the dawa that goes on in prison is a growing problem. The ingenuity of the proselytisers in identifying those on the margins of society as useful recruits is also a cause for concern.