Date: 27/09/2020
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Talking of Long Straight Things

Meanwhile, over at the Ethiopian News Agency there is this short piece about the re-erection of the Axum Obelisk. It’s been a long saga but it looks as if it will finally be put up again where it belongs.


As re-erection of the Axum obelisk gets well underway, the Authority for Research and Conservation of Cultural Heritage (ARCCH) announced the unveilling due for September would be marked with programs focused on awareness raising about the need to protect Ethiopia's priceless heritages.

The obelisk looted from Ethiopia in 1937 by invading soldiers of fascist Italia was returned a couple of years ago from Rome.

I’ll miss seeing it in Rome but it does rightfully belong in Ethiopia – not something which I would normally say about treasures which end up in strange places due to the vagaries of history, but in this case it seems like justice


You can find the story of the Axum Obelisk across at Wikipedia .


You can find Axum using this map.


There is a photo-gallery of Axum here.