Date: 19/06/2021
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The Immigration Debate

by Rebecca Bynum

The New Case Against Immigration: Both Legal and Illegal
by Mark Krikorian
2008 (Sentinel Press, New York) 294 pp.

 In February 2006, New York Times columnist Tamar Jacoby spoke at a function in Phoenix at which time she grew increasingly exasperated at what she apparently thought was a lack of gratitude toward the tens of millions of Mexican immigrants on the part of ordinary conference goers. “Our entire economy is being built on the backs of these people!” she exclaimed, and seemingly could not understand how that could possibly be the very point of objection. At the risk of sounding presumptuous, I truly doubt Americans want our economy to be built on the backs of anyone, let alone an army of foreign labor used in conditions of near slavery. Judging by opinion polls and the level of our chosen birthrates, Americans would rather have a stable population that will cherish and preserve our historic and natural heritage, reduce pollution, control urban sprawl, and strengthen our social fabric while maintaining social mobility. Our federal policy of mass immigration undermines all that, usurping the collective long-term decisions of American society in favor of a few short-term business interests.  more...