Date: 19/06/2021
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Big Kid or Kidult?

by Esmerelda Weatherwax

I keep hearing about this modern phenomenon “the kidult”. Supposedly someone who is old enough to know better who has not yet grown up. Where have I heard that? I thought. Not from my late parents but from certain relatives of the born middle aged variety.
I get “When are you going to get your hair cut? You can’t still have long hair when you are 30/40/50/55” (I am now 54) from my older and bossy cousin. I think “When are you going to stop dying yours, you can’t have bottle blonde hair at 60?” but I say nothing. Because she cannot accuse me of “needing to grow up”. Not with my and my husband’s track record of responsible work history, proven family responsibility (coping with illness, bereavement, childrearing etc.) and all round reliability.  more...