Date: 12/07/2020
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Palin into significance

No half-baked Alaskan, that Sarah Palin chick seems to be a good egg. Anyone who favours small government can't be all bad. As a woman, she makes up for Obama being black: those who think the sex or race of a leader matters more than his policies can vote for McCain with a clear conscience.

She used to be - or perhaps still is - a "soccer mom". I have rough idea what this means, but it's a concept, like "preppy", that I don't think I will ever quite get. Americans don't really play soccer - they play American football which they call "football". (The English play football, also known as soccer.) So why aren't they called "football moms" or "baseball moms"?

Anyway, Sarah Palin is now a high muckamuck. Or muckety-muck. Or something.

Are some muckamucks higher than others? How high a muckamuck - how muckety - must one be to be a Poo-Bah?