Date: 21/09/2020
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The Jabotinsky Legacy

Democracy and Individual Freedom for Israel

by Jerry Gordon
(Oct. 2008)

On September 14th, the 68th annual yahrzeit (memorial) for Ze’ev Jabotinsky z”l (of blessed memory) was held at the Edmund Safra Synagogue on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. The event was co-sponsored by American for a Safe Israel (AFSI) and the Nordau Circle. Former Israeli Likud Defense and Foreign Minister Moshe Arens gave an impassioned yet nostalgic speech about what Jabotinsky stood for and represented.  Arens was a young member of Betar who knew Jabotinsky before his untimely death in New York in 1940. The current edition of the Jewish Press has an article by Fern Sidman about the memorial and Minister Arens speech.  more>>>