Date: 27/11/2020
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Summer Camp

All the Palestinian factions have been talking about social welfare in the past several weeks, including Islamic Jihad [which runs a summer camp for youngsters] according to this news item.

There is another kind of camp that also furthers the Jihad, but not in quite so direct a way, indeed in a way that might not be recognized at all. That is the so-called "Peace Camp" filled with Arab (normally "Palestinian") and Jewish campers. These camps are not, of course, paid for equally by Arabs and Jews. They are entirely paid for by naive and sentimental of Jewish lovers of an abstraction called "peace" or "understanding," and who think that "bringing together" young Arabs and Jews will somehow cause some magical "understanding" that will transcend...oh, transcend something, but since that something, the belief-system of Islam that informs, and suffuses the minds, the beliefs, the attitudes, of those implacable Arab children, and leave those hopeful "all we want is peace" Jewish children left to be run roughshod over, as the Jewish children can offer not a clear sense of their own rights, their own legal, moral, and historic claims (how many of them know, for example, of the treatment of Jews under Muslim Arab rule, from Yemen to Morocco, over 1300 years? how many of those Jewish children have any knowledge of what it is that really underlies the "grievances" of the "Palestinians" or how many of them even known when, and why, that "Palestinian people" was invented?)

So they go off somewhere, to a summer camp. The Arab children are happy to pocket the free vacation, and happy not to find "understanding" or -- what's that other idiotic phrase -- "common ground" -- but to press not only false symmetries (the Jewish children being susceptible to this idea of "we have both suffered" which then leads, by degrees, to "we, the Palestinians, have suffered so much at the hands of you Jews" and slowly, but surely, the whole thing turns into, for the Arabs, a way to press their claims, and for the unwary, and certainly unprepared Jewish children, who really came thinking that this would be a way to "share experiences" as they talk about peace, or play the flute, or something, to "get to know each other" and from that, as the Camp Grant-Seekers will tell the Ford, the Soros, the Thousand Foundations, "to share their common humanity." It's all nonsense, nul, chepukha. These "Peace Camps" are always and everywhere so constructed, and cannot but be constructed, to further the Arab cause, and nowhere are the Jewish students able to mount a coherent and aggressive defense against the aggressiveness of the well-schooled Arab contingent, who of course will, at the very least, establish from the get-go a moral symmetry that betrays the astonishing asymmetry of power and of goals(Israel would like merely to exist, and does not desire to wipe out the twenty-two, richly-endowed Arab states, comprising about 1,000 times the land area of tiny Israel; the Arabs want, through Fast Jihad or Slow Jihad, through military or economic or demographic conquest, or a mingling of the means, to destroy the possibility of a Jewish sovereign state, period).

The Arab students -- save possibly for one, or two -- always put their aggrieved faces, and grievances, on display, always go on the attack, always demonstrate a pathological inability to see things other than in the ingrained ways that Islam teaches them to see things. And even if they never mention the word "non-Muslim," never even mention Islam, they have no need to, for the effect on their absolutely unyielding world-view can be seen. The young Israelis, even more ignorant of Islam than their elders, and just as ignorant of their own country's history as, say, young Americans, so unable to cope with the constant rhetorical assault, offered in a framework where they feel -- as the Arab contingent does not -- that it would be against the spirit of the camp to present too stout a defense of the Jewish state, and of its claims which, to anyone not infused with either Islam or that pathological mental condition we call antisemitism -- are overwhelming and utterly convincing.

In what is assumed, in what is not taken into account, in the choice of topics and choice of what not to ever mention, in the way in which campers are selected and in the propagandizing atmosphere of these camps (see the description of the worst of these "Peace Camps" - the Edward-Said-Daniel Barenboim camp for young Jewish and Arab musicians -- that appeared a few days ago in the Times, a story whose author, Alan Riding, appeared not to have any idea of how morally offensive the whole operation, and even what he described (including the atmosphere of intimidation and propagandizing that had most of the Israeli students succumbing to their organized, carefully lead Guide and Indoctrinator -- Miriam Said was photographed doing her sweet and sinister best for the Lesser Jihad, that is for "Palestine" -- and voting for some kind of moral-equivalency (between the terrorists of Hezbollah and the IDF) Statement to be carefully placed in the programs for these camp-following concertizers. A half-dozen of the Israelis, and one lone Egyptian girl, out of 80 or so of the students, managed to withhold what must have been terrific pressure. It was disgusting, the whole description of this farcical effort at "getting to understand each other" that was, and is, and always will be, just one more element in the attempt to demoralize the Israelis (creating an atmosphere where those young Israelis were steadily assaulted verbally, and emotionally, and put in a position where they felt unable to withstand the pressure, disgusts).

The Arab contingent in any one of these phony Peace Camps, whether based on music, or some other pretense or moral cover, will never be able to get beyond their deep sense of grievance, a grievance that the Israeli children, like good Westerners everywhere, will endow with a justification that comes only from that sense of grievance. If they feel so aggrieved, if they cannot conceivably show the slightest understanding of the other, Israeli side, if they are completely unyielding, then that is taken, not as a sign of their moral obtuseness, and the deep fanatical miscomprehension that comes from viewing the universe through the prism of Islam (or through the related lens of islamochristianity, that hybrid belief that allows Christian Arabs to curry favor with the naturally dominant Muslim Arabs, and at the same time to maintain that loyalty to Uruba, to Arabness, that is entangled so tightly with Islam, that even many (not the Maronites, not always the Copts, but many) --Christian Arabs find it impossible to separate from Islam and from the Lesser Jihad against Israel.

On the one side, those earnest young Jewish musicians, or chess players, or would-be journalists, trying to find "common ground," trying to "get to know" the young "Palestinians" or other Arabs who show up for the all-expenses-paid-by-Jewish-donors summer camps, and of course trying to win over those Arab campers by showing the maximum degree of sweet reasonableness that the Arabs then require them to turn into self-abasement.

And on the other side, those determined young Arabs, at the same camp, seeing it as a place to have fun, to get some training, and of course not to find "common ground" or to "see the others just as young people like themselves" -- in the hopeful rhetoric, sometimes malevolent and fake, and sometimes merely the result of terminal naiveté.

Those who find me too severe are invited to see this article on the Music Camp for Arabs and Jews, the one that Edward Said (malevolent and fake) and Daniel Barenboim (terminally naive) founded, and about which Alan Riding wrote, not making moral sense of what he reported on, in The New Duranty Times, a few days ago.