Date: 28/10/2020
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causing disturbances on airplanes
Mr Ashraf and Mr Zeb were removed from the late-night Airbus A320 by order of the captain, who had been contacted by several passengers worried by their appearance and behaviour after they boarded the plane. They were said to have been talking loudly in Urdu, and wearing suspiciously heavy clothes. When the airline looked into details of their itinerary, the pair were detained pending further security checks....

Industry sources revealed they booked their flights after the recent security scare began on 10 August, paying £166 each for the day-trip to Malaga. Although they have claimed that the purpose of the visit was to carry out research for a holiday in September, the pair decided to take an evening flight to the resort. It touched down at 7.25pm, leaving them just a few hours in Malaga before they had to check in for the 3am return journey. from this news item

Possible reasons:

1) A desire to soak the Infidels by bringing lawsuits, after authorities -- the plane captain, crew, or others -- remove them from the plane, or hold them -- behave as authorities should, given their behavior.

2) A desire to behave in an ostentatiously disturbing fashion, merely to entertain themselves by following Muhammad's advice to "strike terror" into the "Unbelievers." So for the price of a round-trip Manchester-to-Malaga (holiendo a azahar, not that there will be much of a scent on the tarmac which is almost all they would have had time to visit), you get to frighten those Infidels, perhaps even in a retiree or two with a heart condition, frighten someone unto death. What fun!

3) A desire to behave in on ostentatiously disturbing fashion, as part of a sustained campaign by Muslims to do so here, and there, in order to unsettle everyone, and also to see if over time, with many false alarms, the Infidel authorities will simply not know what to do, for fear of lawsuits and other kinds of trouble. Just keep behaving badly, but always with some kind of plausible explanation (well, we made a mistake -- "we thought the plane returned not at 3 a.m. but 3 p.m. the next day" and "of course we spoke in Urdu, it is our language even if we do know English" and "we were bundled up because we thought the plane might be cold" and...)

1, 2, and 3 are all possible, singly or together.