Date: 28/09/2020
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Our real mortal enemy
Mark Steyn today in the NY Sun:

The great Canadian columnist David Warren argues that Islam is desperately weak, that it has been "idiotized" by these obsolescent imports of mid-20th century Fascism. I'm not sure I'd go that far, but, if Washington had half the psy-ops spooks the movies like to think we have, the spiritual neglect in latter-day Islam is a big Achilles' heel just ripe for exploiting.

From, "Think Again," the Warren column to which Steyn refers:

Contrary to generally received opinion, the West is not today under siege from Muslim fanatics because of a resurgence of Islam, but because of the West’s own moral and intellectual decline. Even Osama bin Laden knows this. The West invites attack, and the enemy’s strategy in attacking is paradoxically to hide his own weakness.


If I were a Muslim, with the inheritance of Islamic tradition behind me, I’d be deeply ashamed of the babbling idiots who claimed to speak for me. I would be very loud in contradicting them. Their ideology is tied to Islam, and constructed largely with an Islamic vocabulary and rough grammar, but hardly with an Islamic syntax. By this I mean, that it is inconceivable that anything resembling the “blovulations” of the Salafists, and Shia revolutionists of Iran, could emerge from a purely Islamic course of reasoning. There are too many extraneous elements. In the use of Islamic terms, there is too much slapstick and self-parody.

As many have now observed, the “Islamists” have semi-consciously spun together diverse ideological materials. They have borrowed uncritically from such 20th century totalitarian ideologies as Fascism, Nazism, and Communism. Each of these European ideologies, itself simplistic, had previously played a part in Arab nationalism. The Hitler strain came right off a flight from Berlin, in the person of the satanic old Mufti of Jerusalem. You look at the fascist salutes in the Hezbollah warrior parades, and see that almost everything about these soi-disant “soldiers” is pathetically imitated from a melodrama on some other history channel.

Yes, it is the West's various weaknesses that invite the enemy to greater boldness.  Yes, those weaknesses may well destroy the West from within without benefit of Islamic push.  Yes, the enemy cuts a ludicrous figure.   BUT, it is Islam--and not, say, Taoism--which has grafted the spent ideologies of the West onto itself. 

There is something rotten about Islam, itself--right to the core.  And that is why there are no Muslims screaming at the "radicals Islamists."  As I said here before, "moderate" Muslims not only will not lift a finger to fight the "radicals" in their midst but they will be quite happy to reap the benefits--if there are benefits in the rubble--anytime the "radicals" win.  That includes "American" Muslims.  Poll them on it.  Oh, I forgot: Nobody dares ask them that question.