Date: 28/05/2020
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Book Talk

by Hugh Fitzgerald (Dec. 2008)

“I’m Jeanette Ferguson, and this is ‘Book Talk.’ Today’s guests are Barbara Brest and her husband Frank DiGiacomo. Hello, Barbi and Frank, and welcome.”

“Thank you, Jeanette”

“Well, I noticed that your new book has a really fascinating title, Psycho-psychology.”

“Yes, that’s right.”

“Barbi and Frank, how did that title come to you?”

“Well, Jeanette, what we wanted to do is to let people know right away what the book was about. Too often people will buy a book thinking it is about one thing, when it is about something completely different. Our book is about how to ‘use your mind’ to ‘deal with your mind,’ rather than looking outside your mind for help. After all, who knows your own mind best – but your own mind?” more>>>