Date: 28/09/2020
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The Anti-Kate
Deroy Murdock's piece "Ready for Rudy" in the current (Sept. '06) issue of The American Spectator is a sort of riposte to Kate O'Beirne's piece in the NR before last.  (Though given the respective magazine production schedules, it can't have been intended that way.)  Murdock likes Rudy's chances, except he thinks the gun issue will give him big trouble.  Samples:

"While prominent Republicans can give more conservative speeches than Giuliani, one would have to reach back to Ronald Reagan for a leader who had _implemented_ more policies dear to the Right.  'He is America's most successful conservative currently in office,' columnist George Will wrote in October 1998..."


"Giuliani is tough as hell.  It's impossible to imagine him leaving his veto pen unholstered for five and a half years, as did President Bush.  Boondoggles like Alaska's $220 million 'Bridge to Nowhere' would go nowhere with Giuliani in the sadlle.  At last, Republicans could stop preemptively capitulating to, rather than confronting, Democrats."

[Derb] I can't quite push away the thought that if Rudy is our next President, that will make GWB our....  David Dinkins.  Ouch!