Date: 02/12/2020
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Pseudsday Tuesday

This week's pseud lives in Charlotte Street, and discusses bruschetta as barthesian mytheme. Readers of Harry's Place will have seen this before, but it deserves another outing:

I saw in the paper the other day another snide reference to the 'bruschetta brigade'. What is the imitative zeal that sends a phrase like the ‘brushetta brigade’ through the press and blogosphere? What makes it so infectious?...

‘Bruschetta’ has the added advantage of sounding foreign – there is always something somehow foreign and unpatriotic about these intellectuals, non? Thus, the phrase glides along grooves ideologically pre-prepared. It is little more than a Barthesian mytheme.

Finally, there was also, in the ‘bruschetta brigade’ trope a more specific project, a familiar rhetorical trick or fallacy whereby you discolour a particular argument through tying it to some disliked group. (Of course, referring an argument back to the question of 'who speaks' is basic sophistry). In this case, the particular suggestion was that the anti-war argument was somehow the preserve of an ensconced and self-referential metropolitan elite. This is course is nonsense, but (nonsense + familiar mytheme) quickly congeals into fact.