Date: 13/08/2020
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Red Diaper Babies and the damage they do

Just as the new vehicle for expressing one's antipathy for The System (whatever The System may be) has become for some who are economically marginal, Islam, some in the ACLU seem not so much eager to get up in the morning and defend, with a sense of the measure, a sense of history, a sense of how vulnerable advanced democracies can be, a sense, even, that Islam is akin to Fascism in many things, including its division of the world, for Believers, between Believers and Infidels, its Complete Regulation of Life, which Believers may not adhere to, but of which they are keenly aware; the Total Explanation of the Universe (which leads the primitive Muslim masses to be far more primitive, and in much more dangerous ways, than the primitive non-Muslim masses) and finally, the discouragement of free and skeptical inquiry intended to protect Islam, but also managing to damage the prospects for better understanding, and amelioration, of the political, economic, and social failures of Muslim societies, within and without the Dar al-Islam, but defend Islam they do.

"Red Diaper" babies, the children not of those accused of being Communists but who really were Communists, could be the subject of study. Those whose parents lit out for the territories -- that is, the territories controlled by Chairman Mao -- and who were raised in Communist China, have returned to the United States, and their employment, as professors of law, as makers of documentary movies about China, and so on, reflect their greater understanding of things. Nothing like a childhood in Communist China to set a Red Diaper baby straight. But those Red Diaper babies who never had the good fortune to experience the awfulness of, say, Soviet Russia or Communist China, and who were raised in the bad old U.S.A., may remain convinced...convinced of what? Not so much Communists, or Trotskyites hawking some paper on Telegraph Avenue or Harvard Square, as the busy students bustle so disappointingly by. Convinced, rather, that the United States remains the main source of evil in the world, and that, it doth follow as the day the night, that Islam, now regarded as the chief threat to "American hegemony" or American somethingorother, needs to be protected, defended, seen not as the menace as it is, not as the fascism it so closely resembles, or as the nazism that in its worst it so obviously can become -- think of those black-balaclaved Kalashnikov-clutching bezonians of Hamas, or Hezbollah, or Al-Qaeda, or Islamic Jihad, think of those collective acts of mass prayer that make any intelligent non-Muslim shudder, where every large mosque expresses and reinforces that collectivism that puts one in mind not of some dimly-remembered songs from the hymnal, but of voices swelling in unison, as Leni Reifenstahl films it all.

One would like to know, one has reason to suspect the answer, how many Red Diaper babies are now beavering away at the upper reaches of the ACLU, performing -- in a different way -- services that will weaken the undeclared but felt enemy (that is, the United States), by supporting, by defending, by everywhere taking on as a matter of moment, even such things as this ridiculous lawsuit by these Muslim football players -- a lawsuit, nonetheless, that represents one more betrayal of the ACLU as it once was, and perhaps might still, under different management and with a truer mandate, become.