Date: 13/08/2020
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Re: Reciting the Shehada in Gaza

Centanni and Wiig merely experienced what tens of millions of people experienced over 1350 years, and one thinks especially of all those Hindu ancestors of of today's Muslims in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, trying to avoid either death or the slave conditions in which many of them lived or, at best, the condition of humiliation, degradation, and physical insecurity that constituted the lot of the non-Muslim, if he managed to achieve the status of dhimmi, under Muslim rule. Their behavior under threat was understandable, and perfectly excusable.

What, however, is inexcusable, and should bar them forever from reporting on any conflict, or indeed any area, involving Muslims, were those statements -- the mask of neutrality ripped off -- full of praise for the wonderful "Palestinians" and for Islam itself, and the treacly hope expressed that their kidnapping would not lead to any lessening of sympathetic coverage, nay advocacy, of those "Palestinians" and their presumed cause, which is, as we know, the cause of Jihad.

That behavior was intolerable. And yet, to top it all off, at the end, they chose not to stay in wonderful Gaza, with wonderful "Palestinians." No, they headed right for Israel, no doubt to take full advantage -- just like the members of UNIFIL used to -- of Israel's doctors, Israel's kindness, Israel's remarkably and at the same time maddening ability to overlook the malevolence or bias of those who, having demonstrated such bias or malevolence, presume that the Israelis will not take any of it to heart, will not offer them anything but decency, such a contrast to those whom the Centannis, and the Annans, of this world, appear to favor, no matter what happens.