Date: 12/08/2020
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Overreaction is good

David Warren has a fine column up today regarding the kind of sub-men and women the West is breeding these days.  I see cowardice akin to what he describes every day, albeit (and thank God) not under these terrifying circumstances:

I created a scene with a column, many years ago, when I wrote about the young men in the corridors of the University of Montreal, who stood by and watched while Gamil Garbi (alias Marc Lépine) shot fourteen women to death. To a man (if you could call them men), they explained afterwards, “We couldn’t do anything, he had a gun.” As I pointed out at the time, we have bred young men who will stand by and watch a psychopath shoot defenceless women, so long as he assures them he will not shoot them. And we have bred the young women these young men deserve.

Men without chests, men without character, men who don’t think twice.

On the other hand:  United Flight 93 and the heroes at the Pentagon and WTC on 9/11.  But, to bolster Warren's case: the professor who emailed me in response to an essay of mine in support of the men who risked--and lost--their lives that day:  "Ah, yes.  The strong men."  He saw them--and not the terrorists--as wolves.  He was the first to say to me following that day, "One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter."  That professor was also the first of my friends I turned my back on in "overreaction."  When my wife read the email, she who knew seven of those killed in the WTC attacks, she wished out loud he were in the room so she could break his jaw.  If he had been, I would have wished him two jaws, one for each of us.