Date: 26/09/2021
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Cease-Fire, with Whom?
by Raphael Israeli (March 2009)

Until recently, armies used to launch wars from territories of states, to conquer lands or lose them, to gain dominance or to yield it, and finally to lead negotiations which settle the conflict until the next one erupts, via peace treaties or cease-fires, border agreements and spheres of influence, prisoner exchange, imposition of duties and granting of rights. That was, for centuries, the accepted pattern of conduct in international relations. But since the Muslim world has launched its war of terror against the West, new rules have been drafted, for it is no longer clear who fights against whom and in whose name, non-state groups initiate acts of hostility against individuals, groups and states, kidnap hostages and dictate terms for their release, and there is no way to bring about the termination of the conflict unless under the conditions of the terrorists. And since these belligerents are intermingled with civilian population and shielded by it, there is also no way to defend oneself efficiently against them without raising the wrath of the entire world, save the one country attempting to defend itself.  more>>>