Date: 04/07/2020
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The chosen one has just flown over my house.

We are not worthy, we are not worthy.
I was watching BBC News 24 when Barack and Michelle Obama were shown live stepping out of rather a nice looking aeroplane. I had heard that Air Force 1 was rather good -and it looks it.
I had not realised that they were landing at Stanstead Airport in Essex. Stanstead itself is a rather attractive small town which my husband visits through work from time to time.
I wonder if they will travel to London on the Flyer into Liverpool Street I thought. First class of course, but it is more likely to be a convoy of limosines, down the M11 and turn right on to the M25 at Epping.
Up came the text at the bottom "The President will travel to London on Marine 1"
Whassat? I thought.
That, is another impressive aircraft, this time a US helicopter. Cor!
Marine 1 took off with a second helicopter (Marine2?) and the announcer was ticked off by a senior announcer for calling the site of the Excel Centre (where the summit will be held tomorrow) in Docklands the Isle of Dogs. It is the Isle of Dogs. Calling the new build "Docklands" does not stop that bend of the river being the Isle of Dogs.
Anyway it probably wasn't Marines 1&2 that flew over the end of the next street to me about 10 minutes ago, two helicopters, close together, similar configuration, coming from and heading in the right direction. Air traffic is busy above where I live. Michelle didn't wave either but it is a lovely night and I hope POTUS and MISSUS enjoyed their aerial view of the under-rated county of Essex.