Date: 14/07/2020
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Women only charity event threatened for being unislamic

From Asian Image
A group of Muslim volunteers who organise women only charity events claim they have been harassed and told not hold a function because it is ‘unIslamic’.
This despite not a single male person being in the vicinity of the event and the group having a history of holding similar successful functions.
Organisers of the Save the Children Gaza Fundraiser in the Pack Horse Hotel Bolton said they are at the centre of ‘boycott campaign’ from certain sectors of the community who have taken down their posters and told women not to attend the function.
The event has been advertised to include three course halal meal, Bollywood entertainment, a fashion show, auctions, raffles and stalls. 
A spokesperson for Ethical Entertainment exclusively told Asian Image, “There seems to be a certain section of the community in Bolton who think they can bully and intimidate people.
We go out of way to ensure that the event is exclusive only to women. Women don’t have many functions to go to and we have had a wonderful response from those women who would not normally go out. 
“We have done similar events in the past where we just want women to be able to go out and feel they are in a comfortable environment.
“We also do not allow any photos to be taken unless with prior permission.
Organisers claim an announcement was made in a mosque urging husbands not to allow their wives to go to the function. And that any money raised should not go to Gaza because it was haram (forbidden money).
“To ensure we appease people we are now donating the funds from the event to the children of Nigeria. We got told that money raised from the event would be haram.
“The Save the Children charity which operates in Gaza raises funds from anywhere. People are dyeing and they need our help right now.”
The major issue at the centre of the argument seems to be a notion that music has been forbidden in Islamic scripture. The volunteers say they have received threatening phonecalls so have been forced into a corner.
Dr Jajo, owner of the Pack Horse Hotel, (which is a restaurant and hotel, NOT a pub) said "Muslims are welcome to the event, but it is not a Muslim charity or an event for Muslims per se, so I was very shocked to hear what happened. I am very grateful for the help from Ethical Entertainment and hope they will be left alone now".
I can't say that Gaza needs the money because I hear that Hamas is well supplied from various quarters, although I doubt much gets spent on what I would say was essential. But the event itself hardly sounds like a hen night.  I listen to my husband's advice if he thinks an expedition might be dangerous, but I cannot imagine him forbidding me such an innocent outing.