Date: 28/11/2020
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Some of my best friends have poor little genitals

That got you reading, didn't it? I was referring to Nabokov's "poor little genitals" and Hugh's contention that what a man does with them is irrelevant to the quality of his thoughts. Just as irrelevant, obviously, is whether the genitals are male or female and what colour they are. In his treatment of Henry Gates, Sergeant Crowley showed a colour-blind professionalism, and for this he was criticised by the President., whose skin is half-white, and whose thoughts are half-baked.

I notice that Sergeant Crowley felt the need to justify his impartiality by referring to the time when he gave black basketball star mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. On that occasion, as on this, he was simply doing his job. Suppose, however, that the player had been white, and that Crowley had no example of saving a black man to "make up for" the black man he arrested. Suppose none of his friends are black.

I would say "So what?" So would most New English Review readers, and any right-thinking people who believe that colour is simply irrelevant. But, as reader and contributor Tina Trent points out in the comments to my post, it would be a lot worse for him:

Imagine what would be happening if this particular officer had not previously engaged in a tremendous amount of proactive "anti-racism" activity, if he merely went about his job in a fair manner but didn't possess a paper trail documenting his good anti-racist intentions. For he has the paper trail and is still being castigated and disbelieved and hated in many circles.  Above all else, this gives the lie to the effect of the diversity/anti-racism industry -- it is never enough.  You can never "do" enough once you accept its terms, that white society is inherently oppressive and must be endlessly "interrogated" and policed.  I hope the police officer does not yield to pressure to become one of those professional apologists for other, less enlightened whites -- a path that some understandably take, in a game hopelessly stacked against them, simply to avoid being targeted for more abuse. 

Tina Trent knows great deal about crime and policing; her blog is packed with common sense and facts. Her thoughts on this matter, unlike Obama's, are well worth reading. Meanwhile, any white police officer, doctor, or other professional who wants to avoid the stigma of "racism", should make sure he gets himself some black friends, just so he can say some of his best friends are black. Even if he lives in Norfok, where there is scarcely a black face to be seen.

Here's an idea: blacks could hire themselves out as friends to deprived white people seeking to protect themselves against lawsuits. So could other favoured victim groups.  A gay, black woman could make a fortune as a diversity escort.