Date: 27/09/2020
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Your average white bread Jihadis arrested by FBI in rural North Carolina

We have been posting about home grown Jihadi terrorists. Many of them have been natural born American Somalis and others had natural roots in Wahhabist Salafist Islamic doctrine. Some  have been minority prison converts to Islam who became Jihadis and were captured abroad.  Now comes this shocker. The arrest of a terror cell headed by your average white bread American convert to Islam, David Boyd, who trained in Afghanistan and Pakistan and ran a day job as a drywall contractor and lived in Willow Springs, North Carolina, outside of Raleigh.  CBN reported on the arrest of the seven members of the rural Jihad cell, “Seven N.C. Men charged for planning ‘Jihad.’”

Note this from the CBN report:

"It's kind of scary to me to be honest with you," said Rob Roegner, a resident of Willow Spring, N.C. "I spoke to them. I never had any idea he was involved in something like that."
Residents of the Willow Spring, N.C., neighborhood watched in disbelief as FBI agents raided the home of 39-year-old Daniel Boyd.
Agents said Boyd was the ring leader who recruited his two sons and four other young American men in their 20s. Boyd had traveled to Pakistan and Afghanistan to receive military-style training in terrorist training camps to engage in violent jihad.

"The recruitment both then to radical jihadist movements as well as homegrown terrorists who want to attack us is here in the United States" former FBI agent Brad Garrett said. "And the real problem is how do you figure out who they are."

Erick Stakelbeck, Terrorism beat reporter for CBN had some disturbing thoughts about this and related developments triggered by these FBI arrests. As you will see one the motivating threads was animus against Israel and potential threats to Jewish targets here in America and abroad. Here are his comments on his CBN blog: Stakelbeck on Terror:

The terror arrests outside Raleigh, North Carolina are big for a few reasons. 1) This was a homegrown cell based in rural America. 2) It was led by a white convert to Islam named Daniel Patrick Boyd. 3) The cell had plotted against Israel, which means they could very well have targeted Jewish sites on U.S. soil as well. We still don't have all the details on that front. But a common thread in many recent terror arrests on U.S. soil is a desire among the suspects to hit Jewish targets, either here or abroad.

This NC cell was based in a rural area outside Raleigh. Rural America is the perfect place for jihadis to lay low and train. In fact, I have been following the "jihad in rural America" angle for some time: it is real and troubling. I've reported  from the backwoods compound of a radical group called Muslims of America; from sleepy Shelbyville, TN, where hundreds of Somali Muslims have flocked in recent years; from rural Virginia, again, where a terror cell trained for jihad by playing paintball; and from Tulsa, Oklahoma,  where a moderate Muslim man was threatened for speaking out against jihad. And let's not forget the attempt to establish a terror training camp in the backwoods of Bly, Oregon.

One group that has the talent and funding from largely liberal American Jewish contributors is the Southern Poverty Law Center in Montgomery, Alabama headed by lawyer Morris Dees. Go to the SPLC website and what do you find, stories about Skin heads in our military training as terrorists and combating the remnants of the Klan and neo-Nazi hate groups in America.  But nothing on home grown Jihadi terrorist threats against  their contributors in rural North Carolina or those Jamaat ul-Fuqra camps that the Christian Action Network have graphically documented.  While the SPLC has tracked alliances between neo-Nazi extremists and some Islamist groups here in the US, their leadership is still mired in the kumbaya era of the Civil Rights movement. Maybe those American Jewish contributors should launch a call-in campaign to get Dees and his talented crew of ex-FBI and law enforcement intelligence professionals to launch an anti-Jihadi surveillance program and launch legal actions to take the funding out of the Muslim Brotherhood groups supporting ‘stealth Jihad’ and possibly Jihadi terror cells like the one the FBI arrested leaders in Willow Springs, NC. Maybe!