Date: 28/10/2020
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Somali jihadi from Sweden killed in Somalia

Al Shabab is not only recruiting in Minneapolis, but in Sweden.  From SR International Radio in Sweden:

Another young Swedish-Somali man has been killed in the conflict in Somalia. According to the Swedish Security Service, he died in the beginning of July after being recruited in Sweden by the militia Al Shabab.

It’s well known in the Somali community that the group, which may have ties to terrorist network Al Qaida, has been recruiting youth in Sweden. Al Shabab has been especially active in the Stockholm suburb of Rinkeby, where a large number of Sweden’s Somali population lives.

Kadafi Hussein, youth leader at a Rinkeby community center, told SR International that he saw four young men recruit Somalis in a public square. “They talked about jihad and what was happening in Somalia. That it was right to go there, and that they’d help you out with a plane ticket if you needed it.”

According to Malena Rembe of the Swedish Security Service, the Swedish-Somali man who died in Somalia had lived in Sweden since he was very young. This type of radicalization may pose a danger for Sweden, she says.

“We fear that that they’ll develop a network, and get experience and training in Somalia that they can then use in Sweden [to plan terrorist attacks] when they come back.”

This man had lived almost his whole life in Sweden;  he may not have had any memories of his former life in Somalia.  And yet his loyalty was still to Islam, and to the mujahideen fighting to impose sharia in Somalia.  If he had survived and returned to Sweden, to whom would he have owed his allegiance?  To Sweden, or to Islam?