Date: 28/10/2020
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Fun fun fun - at the library?

If libraries, in the name of "relevance", become like Starbucks, then where is the Fun Fun Fun in disobeying your father's instructions and sneaking off to the hamburger stand, now? 

I'm fond of the Beach Boys, although their songs bear little relation to my life in cold, rainy London. I heard once that they went a bit weird in later life, and that the songs are supposed to be ironic. Who cares?

Update and lifetime mondegreen alert: until three minutes ago, I thought that the words were "Fun fun fun till your daddy takes your ticket away." The ticket was the decoy, and by confiscating it, the tyrannical pater put paid to any prenuptial probings. But no, the words are "Fun fun fun till your daddy takes the T-bird away."

How different from my own teenage years, when the best we could hope for was a euphemistic coffee. Still, I had fun fun fun till my daddy took my teabag away.