Date: 03/08/2020
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Kill The Owners Of Television Stations, But According To Islamic Law

An excerpt from a longer transcript posted at  

 "The people who spread corruption in the land - whether highway robbers, drug dealers, or the owners of these TV channels, who are even more dangerous... These channels broadcast corruption and nudity. They are all people who spread corruption in the land, and they should be tried in an Islamic court of law and sentenced to death. This [fatwa] is clearly in accordance with Islamic law. There’s no doubt about it."

Interviewer: "The ferocity of this fatwa has cast fear in the hearts of..."

Sheikh Yousuf Al-Ahmad: "... of the hypocrites."

Interviewer: "In everybody’s hearts. Even in the West, it received much attention."

Sheikh Yousuf Al-Ahmad: "Islam itself casts fear..."

Interviewer: "No, it doesn’t. Islam is a religion of tolerance and leniency, Sheikh."

 Sheikh Yousuf Al-Ahmad: "Allah says otherwise. Islam is lenient, but the infidel West trembles in fear of it. Allah has ordered us to prepare: 'Prepare for them what force and steeds of war you can, to cast fear in the hearts of Allah’s enemies and of your own.' Our human nature may tell us that stoning is unacceptable, but this is a punishment decreed by Allah. If Allah decrees death - this is how it should be. If the Islamic scholars ruled that the punishment for drug dealers is death, this is how it should be.

"I believe that [the TV channel owners] are more dangerous than all of these. Forget about whether or not they should be killed - we demand that they face trial in an Islamic court of law.