Date: 30/09/2020
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Fashionable Fascism

by Rebecca Bynum (November 2009)

The Third Reich in the Ivory Tower: Complicity and Conflict on American Campuses
by Stephen H. Norwood
Cambridge University Press, 2009

The academic attitude of high-minded impartiality which seems to hover weightlessly above the crass corpus of power politics, does, in plain fact, aid and abet those who actively seek the destruction of western civilization. There are times when a principled stand must be taken, for, for all its claims of impartiality, silence implies acquiescence. This was as true during the 1930’s as it is today, when apologists for the Islamic brand of fascism are routinely given respectful hearings in lecture halls and platforms in student newspapers at our finest institutions of higher learning. One difference being, in the 1930’s regular newspapers around the country were much more willing to print the brutal facts about the rise of fascism in Europe - facts submitted by clear-eyed on-the-ground reporters such as William L. Shirer, whereas today, the entire press corps seems unreasonably squeamish about publishing the facts on the ground about what occurs in Muslim countries. Of the draconian punishments enforcing conformity in thought, word, dress and deed, public mutilation, public executions, the canonization of suicide bombers, the demonization of Jews, the distortion of history, the conspiracy theories, the economic and intellectual stagnation weighing down the Muslim world - little, if anything, disturbs our nightly news programs.  more>>>