Date: 06/12/2021
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FBI probe biggest plot since 9/11

A BBC report backs up everything Jerry Gordon has been saying for months and that he reported on for NER's 2009 Symposium. From The BBC with thanks to Jeffrey Imm:

FBI terrorism probe of Somali immigrants and American citizens in Minnesota
-- "Newsbeat has been given exclusive access to one of the biggest anti-terrorist operations in America since the 9/11 attacks."
-- "The FBI is worried a group linked to al-Qaeda is training up a new generation of terrorists.
-- "They're thought to be targeting young Somali immigrants, radicalising them to carry out attacks on their home country and possibly the US in the future."
-- "The US believes al-Shabaab has ties to al-Qaeda."
-- "The FBI were reluctant to spell out the threat, but they do believe something sinister is happening in the local Somali community. They're calling it their biggest terror investigation since 9/11. "
-- "They're not just concerned about those who may be travelling from America to Somalia either."
-- "They're also worried about who may come back, war hardened and perhaps prepared to plot attacks on American soil."
-- "Agents won't say if mosques or religious leaders are involved but they do think victims are being radicalised in America before being trained as fighters in Somalia."
-- 18 year old tells BBC: "I just hope the government know what they're doing here and they don't mess with the wrong people."