Date: 26/11/2020
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Somali pirates 'holding hostage 12-year-old girl'

From The Telegraph
Ricardo Blach, skipper of the Alakrana, which was released on Tuesday after being held by pirates for six weeks, told a Spanish newspaper how he saw the Ukrainian girl aboard another hijacked ship.
During his captivity, Black boarded a second vessel, the cargo ship Ariana, to hand over supplies including medicines and fuel.
Somali pirates have been holding the Ariana with its Ukrainian crew for around half a year.
On board the ship, Black saw the blue-eyed Ukrainian girl with her mother and her father, who was a member of the ship's crew.
"Her mother begged me to take (her daughter) with me," Mr Blach told El Mundo.
"I told her that I couldn't. On her ship, the Ariana, there were 12 pirates. On mine, the Alakrana, 30," he said, adding: "I have not stopped thinking about this girl, about the women in this boat."
As well as the young girl's mother, there were two other women on board including a cook and a sailor's wife, he claimed.
Somali pirates captured the Ariana on May 2 with its 24 Ukrainian crew in the Indian Ocean en route from Brazil to the Middle East.