Date: 02/07/2020
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Segway To Follow

"The Islamic Hamas movement banned girls last month from riding behind men on motor scooters…”  -- from a story at Bloomberg

No motor scooters, because a female hand might drape around a male waist. But no singles on Segways either, for a girl on her Segway might be following a boy on his,  or vice-versa, and neither the one possibility nor the other is admissible. Besides, it was not Muhammad, but according to Islamic belief some lesser Muslim prophet, Issa by name, who said, did he not, "Chi me ama mi segue" (a famous phrase put to scandalous use, so it was declared, in an ad for short-short denims; a much more scandalous use -- for the sake of wit, not money --, depending on Italian slang, need not be posted here), that is Who Loves Me Will Follow Me, or Who Loves Me Will Segway. But there will be none of that Christian segue or secular Segway, not in thoroughly Muslim Gaza, among the Gazan Arabs.

I trust someone will bring this brief posting, a sweetly-obvious attempt at Product Placement, to the attention of Mr. Kamen. There's a space in my garage just waiting.