Date: 03/08/2020
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On the subjects of Edgars and Alberts and other things

One uploads what one thinks is a modest but worthy piece on vernacular history and custom, as evidenced by the English pub and its signs and then to bed.
Come the morning like Topsy it growed and in all directions. John's serious discourse on symbiology and the Trinity and Mary and her blooming limericks. And Hugh as usual is just thoroughly interesting.
So, on the subjects of Edgars, Lions, Alberts and Chequers, below:-
The Edgar Wallace pub just off the Strand in London. I have walked past this many times but don't have my own photograph of it yet. I must therefore acknowledge that the photograph top left  is the work of Graham Mason from the
Pubs Galore website.
The Red Lion Thetford Norfolk.
The Albert Victoria Street London
The Chequers Billericay. These are my own.