Date: 28/01/2022
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More carnage around the Religion of 'Peace'. Somalia. Again.

(CNN) -- An explosion at a graduation ceremony (at the Shamow Hotel) in the Somali capital Thursday killed at least 15 people, including three government ministers and nine students, local journalists told CNN.
Also among the dead in Mogadishu were two journalists and a professor.
At least 50 students were injured, said the reporters, who witnessed the blast. All were attending graduation ceremonies for health students. I wonder how many of them were newly qualified midwives or nurses?
Education Minister Abdullahi Wayel, Health Minister Qamar Aden (a woman) and Higher Education Minister Ibrahim Hassan Adow died in the explosion.
Sports Minister Suleman Olad Roble was hospitalized in critical condition, his relatives told local media. Initial reports after the bombing said Roble was killed in the blast.
The journalists killed in the blast were Mohamed Amiin Abdullah of Shabelle Media Network and freelance cameraman Hassan Ahmed Hagi, who worked closely with the network.
CNN regularly works with Shabelle Media
Several sources say the bomb was carried by a suicide bomber. According to the
New York Times that suicide bomber was disguised as a veiled woman. Further some of the dead were surgeons, a scarce resource in a violent country.
Reuters says that suspicion has fallen on the al Shabaab group responsible for numerous bombings already.