Date: 29/11/2021
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Nottingham yesterday

The usual MSM reports insisting that the English Defence League are 'far right' or 'racist' or 'football hooligans'. That 11 of them were arrested for public order offences when they apparently tried to go where they wanted to and not where the police said they had to go. This is one of the better reports from Sky News.
Supt Mick Luke, in charge of the police operation, said tempers flared when some protesters tried to break off from the agreed route of the march.
He told Sky News: "There were a few who were determined to go where we didn't want them to go, although they eventually complied."
During the protest some EDL members, with their faces covered with scarves and hooded tops, chanted: "We want our country back."
Others waved placards which read: "Protect Women, No To Sharia" and "No Surrender".
The crowd also sang football chants before gathering next to the city's famous statue of Robin Hood, which had been covered with chip-board to prevent it getting damaged.
All of those arrested during the march by 500 EDL members were held for public order offences, police said.
EDL claims it is not a racist organisation and has no links to the BNP and is making a stand against the threat of Islamic extremism.
One man, who did not want to be identified, defended the group's right to protest.
"Everyone says the EDL are Nazis but I am a black British man. My grandfather was Jewish so I would never be a Nazi," he said.
"The British Government doesn't really represent local people. The BNP get votes out of people's frustration."
An EDL spokesman said they had organised the demo to coincide with a home-coming parade by the Mercian Regiment, which lost five soldiers during their recent tour of duty in Afghanistan.
Supporters of the Unite Against Fascism group also held a counter-demonstration in the city.James Newton, from Nottinghamshire Stop the BNP, said: "The reason we're here is because we believe the EDL is clearly a racist organisation. There are people who say we shouldn't turn up but if we don't it will give the EDL confidence that they can do what they want."
And we can't have that can we?
Other than 
this brief mention of their hurling missiles at the police there was nothing about the conduct of the trotskyist UAF and the Stop the BNP (who were not actually there, they detest the EDL so, but don't let facts get in the way of a chance to sneer at the proles) despite their announced intention to form up elsewhere from where the police decided was best for them.
The Daily Mail had a report on first with pictures and some subsequent reports followed theirs.
Earlier 5,000 Christmas shoppers gathered to watch 500 soldiers from the 2nd Battalion The Mercian Regiment march through the city.
A 43-year-old EDL member, a serving soldier who did not want to be named, said: 'We came here to support our lads and the UAF and other militants have turned up. I think it's disgusting.
'I look at their protest and there's a Pakistani flag flying with a Muslim symbol. Their protest isn't against the EDL, they're protesting against the troops and it's anti-British.
'They haven't got one Union Jack or St George's Flag. I'm not a fascist, I'm not a Nazi but I am British.'