Date: 28/01/2022
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Mosques urged to ignore noise law

From The Citizen
By Mike Mwaniki, Citizen Correspondent, Nairobi
Mosques have been advised to ignore a recent directive by the National Environment Management Authority on noise pollution and continue making calls for prayers.
Supreme Council of Kenya Muslims secretary general Alhaj Adan Wachu Tuesday said the Islamic call to prayer is usually transmitted through a loud speaker which is "controllable and unharmful to human health and environment".
In the new rules, Nema will be seeking to curb noise pollution; loud and unreasonable noise that disturbs the comfort and safety of others and the environment.
The new rules, known as the Noise and Excessive Vibration Pollution (Control) Regulations, 2009, will affect individuals, firms and organisations carrying out activities that produce noise and excessive vibration within a town's central business district, a residential area, a silent zone, or any other area declared a silent zone.
They also apply to street preachers, touts and those who promote or sell anything by shouting.
However, Mr Wachu said for Muslims and Islam, a call to prayer cannot be under any "circumstance or instances be equated to a sound or noise that is undesirable or nuisance."