Date: 27/11/2021
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A Lightly-Censored Musical Interlude: Beyond The Blue Horizon (Jeannette Macdonald)

In the original version of this song, the one Jeanette Macdonald first made famous in Ernst Lubitsch's "Monte Carlo" (in which she played opposite Jack Buchanan), in 1930, the lyrics are:

"Beyond the blue horizon/Lies the rising sun." 

But when she sang this song, in the middle of a war, as part of a USO tour, to American soldiers who were fighting not only the Nazis but also the adherents of Kodo, from the Land of the Rising Sun, that phrase had to be changed. And so it was.

She now sings: 

"Beyond the blue horizon/Lies the shining sun." 

Years quickly passed. Gody  promchalis' (as Pyotr Leshchenko sang the other day). And now it is back to the original lyrics.

A good song to put up, when you are enduring  round-the-clock unassuagable insomnia.A way of pretending you look forward to the dawn.