Date: 28/01/2022
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David Pinault On Christians In Yemen

I just finished reading an excellent article on Christians, and Christian worship, in Yemen, by David Pinault in the Catholic weekly magazine "America." Save for the first paragraph, it is unavailable on-line. Here's that first paragraph:

Hidden Prayer in Yemen

Islam and the problem of religious intolerance
the cover of America, the Catholic magazine

Christians in Sanaa, the capital city in Yemen, cannot pray in church. They must congregate in secret in their homes, and non-Christian Yemenis are monitored to ensure that they do not attend. During a recent visit to the country, I attended many of these clandestine services and watched with admiration as both foreigners and local Yemenis sought ways to practice their faith in a hostile environment.


If you are near a library, you may find "America" (especially if you live in America) and be able to read the rest of the story. It's excellent. And so, too, are David Pinault's other articles on Yemen, and Pakistan.  He describes himself as a participant in 'interfaith dialogue." I can't imagine how he, knowing what he knows, manages to still believe in it. But perhaps he's found a way.