Date: 27/11/2021
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The Nobel Prize As A Zionist Plot

Watch here, as  Iraqi "researcher" Samir Ubeid,-who now lives, and does his "scientific" research, somewhere in Europe ( where? what kind of research? under whose auspices? using what money? to what end?) as he discusses, in the usual crazed conspiratorial fashion to which we have all grown so wearily accustomed, what lurks behind the awarding of the Nobel Prize.

I will leave to others to note that, pace Obeid, the Egyptian chemist Zuwail was heard from again, for he recently  was head of the National Institutes of Health. As for Chekhov being kept from getting the prize, the Nobel Prizes were first given in 1901. Chekhov could have been considered for three years, for he died in early 1904, not yet having achieved the fame that later, thanks partly to the Hogarth Press (that is, the Woolfs,and S. S. Koteliansky), would be his in the West. His body arrived in Moscow in a refrigerated railroad car marked "oysters" ("Flensburgskie -to Flensburgskie, da svezhi li"?).But what about Tolstoy? He was famous, and he didn't die until 1910, so there were nine years in which the relevant Nobel committee had to consider him, compared to Chekhov's measly three-year vasisdas of opportunity. Samir Obeid has a point.  As for Tolstoy himself not winning the Nobel Prize, there can be little doubt that that too was the result of a plot hatched in Israel. Hatched in Israel,  way back in 1907 -- or might it have been 1908?