Date: 28/01/2022
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Child abuse during Koran lessons investigated in The Hague

From Earth Times
The Hague - The Hague has filed charges in 49 cases of corporal punishment of children during Koran lessons, the newspaper De Volkskrant reported Wednesday. Signs of bodily abuse, including bruises and welts, were discovered by the state health service in an unusually large number of 10-year-olds taking the Koran lessons.
Nearly half of the cases involved students at the el-Islam mosque in The Hague. The imam of the mosque denied the accusations and demanded proof to back them up.
The de Volkskrant newspaper reported further that unnamed "sources in the Moroccan community" had confirmed that children are often "beaten hard" during Koran instruction. It was hard to prove the abuse since parents mostly wouldn't dare to speak out against it, the sources said.
The Muslim Social Democratic mayor of the heavily-Muslim Amsterdam district of Slotervaart last summer raised concern over the abuse of children during Koran lessons in the Netherlands. There were signs from all over the country that children "are mistreated in Koran schools and taught to loathe Western society," he said.