Date: 28/01/2022
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Hamas Propagandist Azzam Al-Tamimi Says Islam Liberates Europeans From Their Stupidity

Watch and listen, here.

And after you are done watching Azzam al-Tamimi express his horror at the "undemocratic" democracy of Switzerland, with its "undemocratic" referendum, and invoke both his mock-horror of Hitler and his real hatred of "Zionism" (i.e., Jews), that he conspiratorially believes must surely be behind the Swiss vote, and after you are done watching him explain that Muslims have a right to do as they wish in the countries of Europe to which, he says, they fled as "refugees" (but "refugees" from what? from the misrule of Islam, but instead of shunning Islam, they brought Islam with them, and hope to implant it firmly in European soil), and that what really explains the Swiss vote is the terror, all over Europe, that people will convert en masse if they are allowed to discover the truth about Islam.

That hasn't been my experience, as I have been learning more and more about Islam. Has it been yours? 

And for those who might want to refresh their memory about "Dr." Azzam al-Tamimi,  another video of him at a London hate rally, one that Adolf Hitler would have thoroughly enjoyed; can be seen here