Date: 28/01/2022
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A Despatch From Keighley

One Yorkshire town, three news items, one common theme.
The Telegraph, at the bottom of a news item about the family prestige murder of Tulay GorenAnne Cryer has been commended at this site on a number of previous occasions.
Ann Cryer, the Labour MP for Keighley, near Bradford, who has campaigned to raise awareness of honour crimes, said local councils in areas with large ethnic minority populations remain reluctant to confront the problem because it is such a politically sensitive issue.
She said: “It is a real struggle to get this issue out in the open because instead of looking after the human rights of vulnerable young women you get accused of doing down the Asian community.
“One of the difficulties is that you have very large extended families in places like Bradford, which are very influential, and local councillors are afraid of upsetting them because they think they will lose votes. As a result local authorities are reluctant to talk about this issue.
“But I know from experience that for every male vote you might lose for speaking out you will gain a female vote, and I just wish politicians would realise you don’t need to fight shy of this.”
First item from
The Keighley News
An exhibition to dispel misconceptions about Islamic attitudes towards women has been held in Keighley Library.
Members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Women’s Association held the exhibition, which has been touring libraries across Bradford district.
Samina Haque, a volunteer organiser at the association, said: “This is to erase misconceptions and show the true teachings of Islam.
“A lot of people think that women are oppressed in Islam and that we’re not entitled to have things such as the right to an education, the right to divorce or the right to inherit. In fact, Islam is the opposite of this and has given us all these rights since the sixth century. People still have a very negative image of Islam but we’ve had positive feedback  from when we held the display in Baildon and Bradford.”
She said the event was meant to inform Muslims as well as non-Muslims, as not everyone practised the religion in the way it was meant to be followed.
Leave aside that Ahmadiyyas are persecuted by other Muslims even in this country they have never renounced jihad.
Second item from
The Keighley News
A woman motorist was attacked as she sat at traffic lights in Keighley town centre.
The 23-year-old was spat at and punched through the open window of her car and an attempt was made to grab her keys.
Police said they were treating the incident — which happened at about 5pm, on Saturday, in North Street, at its junction with Bow Street — as racially motivated. If you look at the photo in the website it could be the centre of any town.
The attackers, a group of Asian men, hurled racial abuse at the woman.
A comment from a local man:- not the first time incidents like this as this traffic light where are the cameras? hopefully the attackers will be caught ( but i doubt it ) compensation for pulling a veil of a muslim womens face is 1000 pounds how much for this lady being punched and spat least it,s treated as racially motivated. are these the same cowards that throw bricks through peoples windscreens up Highfield lane?
You see the connection?