Date: 29/11/2021
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Truth And Beauty, So Be Sure To Bring Your Tape-Measure

Here is a thoroughly scientific new Truth about Beauty: 


Beauty is between eyes, mouth of the beholden

WASHINGTON (AFP) – Beauty is not so much in the eye of the beholder as in the measurements between the eyes, mouth and ears of the woman being observed, US and Canadian researchers have found.

In four experiments aimed at finding "an ideal facial feature arrangement," US and Canadian researchers asked students to compare color photographs of the same woman's face, in which the vertical distance between the eyes and mouth, and horizontal distance between the eyes, had been doctored using Photoshop.

The features -- eyes, mouth, nose, contour and hair -- remained the same and a woman's face was only compared to her own, never to another's.

Students looked at different pictures of the same woman's face laid out side by side and selected the face they found more attractive.

In all four experiments, they chose the faces with specific proportions that the researchers have dubbed the "new golden ratio."

Two of the experiments tested for the ideal distance between the eyes and mouth as compared to total face length, measured from the hairline to the chin. Both came up with 36 percent as the golden ratio for "the maximally attractive face."

The other two experiments measured both the ideal length and width ratios.

They both confirmed 36 percent as the golden ratio for the length of the maximally attractive face, and 46 percent as the ideal width ratio -- where the distance between the eyes is 46 percent of total face width, measured between the inner edges of the ears.

Happily, the 36/46 percent ratios "correspond with those of an average face," the study said, meaning there's no pressing need to get out the measuring tape and calculator or to rush to the plastic surgeon.


See that girl over there? I call that piece a wonder now, but maybe I'm wrong, maybe my eyesight  or the fading light is fooling me. I need to be certain. Say, can I borrow your measuring tape? 

And is there a wayu for the muliebrine to fudge those measurements, as in the days of pin-up girls, of Vargas vamps, of Lana Turner (as Johnny Stompanato to his dismay found out) and Jayne Mansfield and the rest of the entertainment world's supermagioratti

There may as yet be no equivalent of falsies fitting for faces (fa;ses are still are put -- or now stay put -- on the obvious places),  but there may be other ways to cook the beauty books and improve the looks through some form of deception..Wasn't there a fine Italian hand behind the last Golden Ratio or Rule of Beauty, the hand of the mathematician, Fibonacci, the one responsible for that silly chant that starts: 

"One point six one eight
  Who should we appreciate?"

And didn't he begin his name with a "fib"? 

Yes, I believe he did.